Disclosure Services

Xogene understands the criticality of Clinical Trial Disclosure in advancing science and medicine and supporting good decision making for patients, caregivers, healthcare providers, regulators and the general public. Trial transparency is the world's window into your company's good clinical practices and a visible testament to your compliance with global regulations.
Our highly-trained, experienced staff will help to ensure you are correctly and accurately representing your trials in the global transparency forum. Our flexible, cost-effective model will ensure you meet your deadlines and your budget. 

We specialize in the following disclosure services and solutions:

Ensuring  Compliance 

  • Protocol and result posting on ClinicalTrials.gov

  • Posting results on EudraCT

  • ICH E3 summary for use as Technical Summary of        

  • Results on EudraCT​

  • Summary of Results for the lay person

  • Quality control, reducing QA comments and justifications